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Last Site update was 19 August, 2017

News and New Articles

The Holy Bible This is further updated third edition of the CHCP version of the Holy Bible released on 19 August, 2017. The New Covenant is now based on the Aramaic Peshitta as we are convinced that Aramaic is both the original language of Joshua and the Apostles and the language the inspired New Covenant was written in. This makes the Greek manuscripts a translation from the Aramaic. The Peshitta restores God's Name and clarifies many previously puzzling passages in the NC.

Calculated Biblical Calendar for Windows Ver 10.42 This is an updated version of the Calculated Biblical Calendar for Windows software that allows for a very early start to the Biblical Year like we had this year. The only other year in the next 18 years that may be affected like this one is in 2024.

The Proposed "Fixed Easter" Calendar This article analyses the likely motives behind the renewed push for a "fixed" Easter calendar. Why are the Roman Catholic based churches working together to 'authorise' a new way to calculate their dates for Easter? The results of the changes indicate that their most likely motive is their hatred of Jehovah God and His true Holy Days.

God's Calendar and the Sign of Jonah This is a major update of our God's Calendar and the Sign of Jonah article which demonstrates how Jesus (Joshua) fulfilled the three days and three nights that He said would prove He was both the Son of God and our Saviour. By doing so, it exposes the Antichrists and reveals some of their deepest deceptions which lie at the heart of the Great Apostasy.

Eternal Life is God's Gift! - Updated version: Does the Bible teach that you have eternal life? What happens to you when you die? What must you do to receive eternal life?

Jesus Christ - Is He the Son of God or Part of a Trinity? - Expanded version: Explores the relationships between God the Father, our Lord Joshua the Messiah, the Holy Spirit and us.

Jehovah God's Holy Days to 2034 These charts provide a summary of Jehovah's Holy Days from 2012 to 2034 to the extent that they can be calculated.

God's Holy Days for 2017

Brian Convery's Abib search team in Israel have confirmed that there is now Abib barley ready, and the RenewedMoon.com website reports that the New Moon has been seen in Jerusalem Wednesday evening, confirming that today is New Year's Day, and that this year's 'Spring' Holy Days are as listed below. May this year be a blessing to each of you!

These Holy Day dates are for Israel and regions westward to the International Date Line.
This may be Year 6021 After Creation.

Abib 1 is Thursday, 30 Mar 2017 CE
The Passover sacrifice is Wednesday, 12 Apr 2017 CE
The Feast of Unleavened Bread begins on Thursday, 13 Apr 2017 CE
and ends on Wednesday, 19 Apr 2017 CE
The Wave Offering (the First-fruit) is Sunday, 16 Apr 2017 CE
First-fruits (Pentecost) is Sunday, 4 Jun 2017 CE

The Day of Trumpets is Friday, 22 Sep 2017 CE
The Day of Atonement is Sunday, 1 Oct 2017 CE
The Feast of Tabernacles (Ingathering) begins on Friday, 6 Oct 2017 CE
and ends on Thursday, 12 Oct 2017 CE
The Last Great Day is Friday, 13 Oct 2017 CE

The following Holy Day dates are corrected (delayed one day) for the
region east of Israel and west of the International Date Line.

Abib 1 is Friday, 31 Mar 2017 CE
The Passover sacrifice is Thursday, 13 Apr 2017 CE
The Feast of Unleavened Bread begins on Friday, 14 Apr 2017 CE
and ends on Thursday, 20 Apr 2017 CE
The Wave Offering (the First-fruit) is Monday, 17 Apr 2017 CE
First-fruits (Pentecost) is Monday, 5 Jun 2017 CE

The Day of Trumpets is Saturday, 23 Sep 2017 CE
The Day of Atonement is Monday, 2 Oct 2017 CE
The Feast of Tabernacles (Ingathering) begins on Saturday, 7 Oct 2017 CE
and ends on Friday, 13 Oct 2017 CE
The Last Great Day is Saturday, 14 Oct 2017 CE

An updated version of the Calculated Biblical Calendar for Windows software is now available that
can allow for very early starts to the Biblical Year as occured in 2016.

The Heart of God and God's Law This simple chart clearly shows that God's Law has originated in God's Heart.

Free to Obey God Jesus has freed us from our body of sin and death. Now we can at last truly Love God and His Law. This article shows us what the Bible teaches about how to avoid both legalism and lawlessness and joyfully walk that narrow path that leads to eternal life.

CHCP Articles

The Holy Bible This is the third edition of the CHCP version of the Holy Bible, released on 5 Feb 2017. The New Covenant is now based on the Aramaic Peshitta as we have become convinced that Aramaic is both the original language of Joshua and the Apostles and the language the inspired New Covenant was written in. This makes the Greek manuscripts a translation from the Aramaic. The Peshitta restores God's Name and clarifies many previously puzzling passages in the NC.

How to End the Terrorist Attacks - Why has God allowed terrorist attacks to succeed and why we have, so far, refused to do what is necessary to end these attacks?

Eastern Meditation and Jesus Christ: Are They Compatible? - Recounts the experiences of a member of CHCP who became a Christian while practising Eastern Meditation.

Jesus Christ - Is He the Son of God or Part of a Trinity? - Explores the relationships between God the Father, our Lord Joshua the Messiah, the Holy Spirit and us.

Eternal Life is God's Gift! - Does the Bible teach that you have eternal life? What happens to you when you die? What must you do to receive eternal life?

Sex, God and Families - This document exposes the dangers of sexual promiscuity and outlines the benefits to you, your family and your society of following God's sexual principles.

Christian Environmental Ethics - What responsibilities and rights has God given to us in respect to the world we live on?

The Ten Commandments - Explains how the Ten Commandments guide us in our relationship with God and how obedience to them would result in true civilization.

Tongues and the Gifts of God - What is the Gift of Tongues? Does God intend us to be using His Gifts today?

Will the Earth be Desolate during the Millennium? - Scripture shows that all our cities will be destroyed before the Millennium begins. But what will happen during the Millennium?

Spirit, Soul and Body - What does the Bible teach about the nature of human beings? Do we have a soul or are we a soul? Do animals have souls?

Clean and Unclean Animals from a Christian Perspective Many Christians believe that God has removed His prohibition on unclean meat for them. But the Bible clearly teaches that God's prohibition has not been removed.

Communication with the Dead - Truth or Dangerous Fantasy? Is it possible to communicate with the dead? What are mediums and channellers really doing? Are Ouija boards and seances safe? What does God, through the Bible, reveal about these practices and the state of the dead?

The Sabbath in Scripture - Why did God create the Sabbath? Which Day is the Sabbath? Does God still want us to observe it? Is it just for Jews?

God's Holy Days for Christians God's Annual Holy Days reveal His Plan of Salvation, helping us understand why the world is in such a mess today, and how God will one day redeem it (and us!). The appendix shows the history, current practice and future of God's Holy Days and how this affects our faith and actions.

God's Calendar and the Sign of Jonah - Yeshua fulfilled the Sign of Jonah, exactly as He said He would. God's Calendar explains how He did this and shows how Yehovah's calendar works and when to keep His annual Holy Days. It also reveals how the false teachings about this Sign came about.

God's Holy Days Table - Table of the probable dates for God's Annual Sabbaths from 2012 to 2034.

Is the Full Moon a part of God's Biblical Calendar?? - Many Churches of God teach and believe that the Full Moon has a role in God's Calendar. They claim that the 15th of Abib and 15th of Tishri must always fall on the full moon. They also claim that the Judaic Rabbinical calendar of Hillel ensures this happens. Are any or all of these claims true?

God's Date Line and Israel - Why we think using an Israel based Dateline in determining our holy days and new moons is the best option.

Our Earth, is it Flat or a Sphere? This article analyses the main Biblical and Scientific arguments in favour of Flat and Spherical models for the Earth. Many of the flat earth arguments are taken from Jeremy James' True Cosmology article. The Flat Earth models are examined in greater depth than commonly seen, revealing that Jehovah God does not require us to believe in a flat earth and that the flat earth science is badly flawed.

Dinosaurs and Their Creator - Who created the dinosaurs - God or Satan? What are the dragons mentioned in the Bible? What are the behemoth and leviathan? This article answers these questions and shows some links between them.

Genetic Modifications and the Word of God - God's Law shows that virtually all genetic engineering is contrary to His commandments. Scientific reasoning shows that any broad-acre use of GMOs is premature and potentially disastrous.

The Beasts of Daniel and Revelation - Bible prophesy contains several graphic descriptions of powerful, grotesque beasts. Who, or what, do they represent? It is possible that they may have a major impact on our lives in the near future? Being rewritten. Will be available soon.

Ecumenism, Celibacy and Mary? Unity on what basis? Is there scriptural support for these Roman Catholic teachings? This exchange of newspaper letters shows that the Bible actually denies these doctrines.

Rudolf Steiner - Is he God's prophet? -Rudolf Steiner developed Biodynamic farming and Steiner educational theory. He also wrote extensively on the Bible and claimed to be God's Prophet. Does the Bible confirm his self-appointed status as a prophet?

Radiocarbon Dating - Shows how changes in radioactive carbon levels can drastically alter radioactive dates. The technical aspects are simply explained. Available now, but a new expanded version will be available soon.

Chronology - This document is a proposed Biblical timeline from Creation until Christ's Return. -It is currently being reviewed and updated.

Is There a Biblical Basis for WCG's rejection of God's Holy Days? An exchange of letters between Rod Matthews and Bruce Armstrong which examines articles by Joseph Tkatch and Michael Feazell. The letters show that WCG's new Protestant position is based on clever rhetoric, not Biblical Truth.

Beliefs of the Central Highlands Church of God - Our Statement of Beliefs


Calculated Biblical Calendar for Windows - Calculates the dates of God's Annual Holy Days, the Crucifixion/Impalement,Flood, Creation and Jordon Crossing, using the Biblical lunar/solar calendar. The program has an option which allows you to test the visibility formula by looking for the crescent New Moon (young moon) locally. The software also calculates sunset, sunrise, moonset, moonrise, etc for any location on earth. Other calculations include the Rabbinical Jewish calendar, Easter and a comprehensive Calendar Converter.

This is a new version released 18/6/2016 which will allow calculation of the very early Abib 1 in 2016, and for other similar years.

Installation requires the Zip file to be extracted to a temporary folder. Then run the setup.exe file to perform the installation. Security settings on some computers may require the zip file to be unblocked before it can be installed. This is done by right-clicking the zip file and selecting 'unblock'.  If updating, uninstall the earlier version first.

Calculated Biblical Calendar for Windows Ver 10.42

New (young) moon on its third evening of visibility
Photo from "The Southern Sky" by David Reidy & Ken Wallace

Radiocarbon Dating - Shows the effect of changes in our geomagnetic field and radiocarbon/carbon ratios on radioactive datings. 

Online Bible for Windows

Online Bible for Windows is a high quality Bible Search and Study program which is produced by Larry Pierce of Canada on a Freeware Basis. It can be purchased, at minimal cost, on CD-ROM or the most popular sections of the program can be downloaded from Online Bible Ministries at http://www.OnlineBible.net. Due to the size of the modules, this can be slow. Modules available for downloading include the Authorised King James version bible text, Strong's Lexicon, Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary, Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Online Bible Topics, the Greek Textus Receptus and the Hebrew Biblia Hebraica.

The Online Bible for Smartphones and the Online Bible for Macs is also available.

Click on the highlight to download the Online Bible for Windows, Mac or DOS.

General Articles by Others

The Age of the Earth - How old is the Earth? What do the Bible and Science have to say about this issue? An excellent article by David Reeve.

Children - Things We Throw Away?? An honest look at abortion and its effects on the mother and baby. (By Melody Green Sievright)

The Irrational Atheist Download This Online book by Vox Day thoroughly demonstrates that the main anti-God/anti-religion arguments of modern atheists are not only illogical, but can be easily proven to be factually wrong. He gleefully dissects the vacuous arguments of Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Dennett and Michel Onfray. Vox reveals that atheism has resulted in more intolerance and mass murder than any religion known to man. Though I think Vox has understated the viciousness of Roman Catholicism, his central arguments still stand.

The Origin and History of the Doctrine of Endless Punishment Thomas Thayer's classic book on how Endless Punishment became part of what many churches teach, despite it being contrary to the true nature of Jehovah God as revealed in the Bible. This pdf was provided by lighthouselibrary.com

Homosexuality How does one become a homosexual? How can a homosexual be helped? (By Mark Copeland)

The Gift of Salvation - Briefly recounts the experiences of Charles Chiniquy, a well-known priest in the Catholic Church for 50 years. (By Charles Chiniquy)

Resolving the Passover Controversy Stanford Beattie presents clear evidence that the Passover was correctly sacrificed in the late afternoon of the 14th of Abib, rather than at the start of the 14th as some believe.

Rome's Challenge: Why do Protestants Keep Sunday? - This document is a reprint of four articles originally published in the Catholic Mirror over one hundred years ago. In the articles, the Catholic Church shows that there is no scriptural basis for accepting the first day of the week as the Christian Sabbath. They claim that the only basis for the change from the seventh day Sabbath is found in the traditions of the Catholic Church. The author concludes that if Protestants accept their change in the Day of Worship, they must also accept the authority of the Catholic Church in all things to be consistant.

The International Date Line and God's Sabbaths - Did God establish our International Date Line? Could the IDL be keeping you from observing God's Sabbaths on the correct days? An important and thought-provoking article written by Samuel V. Mercado.

Catholic Chronicle I: Eating the Flesh of Deity by Keith Green -What is the Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation? Does it have a Biblical basis?

Catholic Chronicle II: Jesus Dies Again by Keith Green -What is the meaning and Biblical basis of the Catholic doctrine of the Sacrifice of the Mass?

Catholic Chronicle III: Salvation According to Rome by Keith Green -What are the Catholic teachings on Salvation and Penance? How do they compare with Biblical salvation?

Catholic Chronicle IV: What did Vatican II really change? by Keith Green -What is the effect of Vatican II on Catholic doctrine and dogma?

The Two Babylons This is the full 7th edition of Alexander Hislop's classic book as a 13mb PDF. It clearly reveals the pagan origins of many non-biblical "Orthodox" beliefs. Book courtesy of the Internet Archive.

Genetics: Enemy of Evolution Does Mendelian genetics support the hypothesis of evolution, or is it in greater harmony with the hypothesis of Creation? (By Lane Lester, Ph.D.)

Playing God in the Garden Michael Pollan wrote this article for The New York Times Sunday Magazine on genetically engineered potatoes.

The Doom of Today's Towns and Cities and Harmageddon - Free Book Offer: CHC Publications have been given a number of copies of John Quincy Adams' book, written in 1936. Adams presents an interesting interpretation linking events of the Great Depression with Bible Prophecy and predicts the Second World War, though he did expect it to lead directly to Christ's Return. Contact us for a free copy.

More to be added Soon.

Library Service

Christian books, CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, audio and video tapes are available for loan within Australia.

We plan to add the list of available material to this WEB page eventually. For now, contact us and request a printed copy of our library contents.

Other Recommended Christian Sites

Truth on the Web - Brian Hoeck's site has many useful resources, including links to online Bibles, books and software.

Answering Islam - This British website helps Christians understand the Moslem religion and also helps Moslems to get a clearer knowledge of Christianity. The site challenges the deceptions of Islam and responds to their distortions of Christianity. Though they are classic Protestants, most of their material is excellent.

Ellen White Exposed - This well-organised site maintains documents which clearly show that Ellen White can not be a Prophet of God. Essential reading for all SDA's.

Christian Biblical Church of God - Has many useful and accurate resources. However, they do use the Judaic Calendar.

Steve Bruns Home Page - Steve provides access to many interesting articles, including God's Holy Days and Calendar.

United Church of God homepage - Site contains the full text of several excellent booklets and numerous articles from their "Good News" magazine.

Answers in Genesis Presents material supporting Biblical Creation. This site has an area where answers to current topics on the Creation/Evolution debate are posted (Note:This is not a Sabbatarian site and is pro-GMO.)

Institute of Creation Research Similar to AIG website but includes many excellent research articles.

The International Dateline Dilemma by Dan Love. Similar to our conclusions on the IDL.

The Meridian Date - Jewish Encyclopedia reference to the IDL.

WHERE IS GOD’S INTERNATIONAL DATELINE? by Richard Fix. Different way of getting there, but similar to our conclusions on the IDL.

A Traveler's Guide To The International Dateline Rabbi Dovid Heber. A Judaic summary of their most common positions on the IDL.

The Moedim of Yahweh New Covenant Church of God- Messianic church which places the IDL east of Jerusalem.

Once again, more coming soon.


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