Online Bible for Windows, Mac and DOS

As noted on our Homepage, the Online Bible for Windows is a high quality Bible Search and Study program which is produced by Larry Pierce of Canada on a Freeware Basis. It can be purchased, at minimal cost, on CD-ROM or the most popular sections of the program can be downloaded from Online Bible Ministries in the Netherlands. Due to the size of the modules, this can be quite slow. Modules available for downloading include the Authorised King James version bible text, Strong's Lexicon, Matthew Henry's Concise Commentary, Treasury of Scripture Knowledge, Online Bible Topics, the Greek Textus Receptus and the Hebrew Biblia Hebraica.

The Online Bible for DOS and the Online Bible for Macintosh are also available.


Print this file before proceeding to avoid confusion!!

Click on the highlighted section to transfer to Online Bible Ministries at if you wish to order or download the Online Bible. Once there, select the Updates and Library option. Download the Online Bible for Windows program (example: OLBFW16B.EXE for Windows 3.1 or OLBFW32B.EXE for Windows 95) and any of the modules you wish to use with it. Note that the Online Bible program alone will not work without at least one of the Bible text modules to use. Aside from the install program files mentioned above, all of the other modules will work with either version of Windows, DOS or Macintosh computers. (I think they work with Macs- I don't have one. If you try it with a Mac, let me know how it works.) Also note that the Hebrew bible text module is in a separate table after the International Languages tables.


The programs are simple to use but odd to install.

To install the Online Bible for Windows programs, follow this process:
1: Create a temporary directory and copy all the files you have downloaded into it.
2: Run all the WIN*****.EXE files you have downloaded to extract the module sections.
3: Run the OLBFW***.EXE file to extract the setup files.
4: Run the SETUP.EXE program to begin the installation program.
5: Select the location for your ONLINE BIBLE program to be installed to.
6: The program will install the main module and tell you that installation is finished.
7: Double-click the OLB icon to start the program.
8: Click Continue or All Done until you reach the Restore Backups option. You MUST use this option to install the modules you have downloaded.
9: Select the Restore Backups option, then select the directory in which you have placed all the extracted modules. The first section of each module will appear in a list in the right box, such as AV.101 for the KJV (AV) bible text. One by one, select each module and click OK to install the modules, EXCEPT for the INSTALL.101 option. It has already been run, do not use it again.
10: When finished, select All Done and give the program a try. Read the included Manual to get the most from the program.
11: Delete the WIN****.exe and OLBFW***.EXE files. Copy the remaining files in your temporary directory onto disks and give to friends so they can install the program too. If they copy all of the files onto their hard drive into a temporary directory they can use the same installation process you used.
12: Delete your temporary directory to free up more hard drive space.
13: Make a donation to a Christian Charity or Evangelical organisation to express your thanks.

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