Biblical Chronology

This chronology is based on the Bible. The work of Dr. Martin Anstey (The Romance of Bible Chronology) and Philip Mauro (The Wonders of Bible Chronology) have assisted us greatly with some difficult areas. The chronologies have been cross-checked by comparison with specific Holy Days given in the Bible which are calculated using astronomical events. This allows dating of events such as Day 1 of Creation, the Genesis Flood, the Exodus, the Fall of Jerusalem, the Crucifixion, etc. In most cases, given dates are the beginning point when an event is one that occurs over a period of time. Ie, the date given for King Saul's reign is the first year of his reign.

Further considerations used in preparing and interpreting this chronology are given at the end of the chronology.

1.04004.7Creation of the Universe began onGen 1:1
1/1, 1 AC. (Probably 29 March, 4004 BCE)
1.04004.7Creation of Adam and Eve (4 April)Gen 1:26-31
God declares His Creation as Very Good.Gen 1:31
God institutes the Sabbath, and rests on it.Gen 2:2-3
Adam and Eve disobey God, placing the earthGen 3:1-19
under Satan's influence. Violence and death
become part of creation, with some animals
converted into carnivores.
God promises that Jesus will one day crushGen 3:14-15
Satan and restore the Creation.
131.03874.7130Seth born Gen 5:1-32
236.03769.7105Enosh born "
326.03679.790Cainan born "
396.03609.770Mahalaleel born "
461.03544.765Jared born "
623.03382.7162Enoch born "
688.03317.765Methuselah born "
875.03130.7187Lamech born "
931.03074.7Adam dies aged 930. (less than one "
thousand-year "day" old.)2 Peter 3:8
988.03017.7Enoch 'taken' by God at 365. LivedGen 5:23-24
one year for each day in a year.
1043.02962.7Seth dies aged 912.Gen 5:8
1057.02948.7182Noah bornGen 5:28-29
1141.02864.7Enosh dies aged 905.Gen 5:11-31
1236.02769.7Cainan dies aged 910. "
1291.02714.7Mahalaleel dies aged 895. "
1423.02582.7Jared dies aged 962. "
1537.02468.7God tells Noah to build the Ark.Gen 6:3,7-22
1557.02448.7500Japheth, Shem's older brother bornGen 5:32,10:21
1559.02446.72Shem born 98 years before flood.Gen 11:10
1652.02353.7Lamech dies aged 777 years.Gen 5:31
1657.02348.7Methuselah dies aged 969.-in Flood?Gen 5:27
1657.02348.7100The Genesis Flood begins 600 years after
Noah's birth. 17/2/1657 (Sunday, 17 May, -2348)Gen 7:6,11
1658.02347.71Everyone leaves Ark. 27/2/1658 (Mon 17 May) Gen 8:14-19
Note that time on Ark was exactly one Solar year.
1660.02345.72Arphaxad bornGen 11:10
Luke manus'pts add another Cainan here??Luke 3.26
1695.02310.735Salah bornGen 11:12-26
1725.02280.730Eber born "
1759.02246.734Peleg born "
1789.02216.730Reu born "
1821.02184.732Serug born "
1851.02154.730Nahor born "
1880.02125.729Terah born. "
Mankind divided by languages and scatt-
ered between 1759 and 1998 ACGen 11:1-9
1950.02055.770Abram born.Gen 11:26-29
1998.02007.7Peleg dies aged 239.Gen 11:18-19
1999.02006.7Nahor dies aged 148.Gen 11:24-25
2007.01998.7Noah dies aged 950.Gen 9:30
2028.01977.7Reu dies aged 239.Gen 11:20-21
2051.01954.7Serug dies aged 230.Gen 11:22-23
2025.01980.775Abram called-he and Lot leave HaranGen 12:4
God says Abram's descendants will
spend 400 years in affliction, but Gen 15:13
4th gen. will inherit Canaan. Gen 15:16
2085.01920.7Terah dies in Haran aged 205 Gen 11:32
2098.01907.7Arphaxad dies aged 438.Gen 11:10-13
2036.01969.7Ishmael born when Abram is 86.Gen 16:16
2049.01956.724God confirms covenant with AbrahamGen 15:18-21
to give Canaan to his descendantsGen 17:1-27
2049.01956.7Sodom and Gomorrah destroyedGen 18:16--
2050.01955.71Isaac bornGen 21:5
Isaac weaned, prob 2 or 3 years oldGen 21:8
2055.01950.7Isaac, now 5, mocked (afflicted) by IshmaelGen 21:9
2110.01895.760Esau and Jacob bornGen 25:25-26
2125.01880.7Abraham dies aged 175Gen 25:7
2128.01877.7Salah dies aged 433.Gen 11:14-15
2159.01846.7Shem dies aged 602.Gen 11:10-11
2189.01816.7Eber dies aged 464.Gen 11:16-17
Jacob fathers 11 sons.Gen 29:31-30:24
Jacob is renamed Israel.Gen 32:28,35:10
2201.01804.791Joseph born 39 years before Israel, thenGen 41 to 47
aged 130, goes to Egypt.(130-2-7-30)See below
12th son, Benjamin, born.Gen 35:16-26
2218.01787.7Joseph ,17, dreams of greatness, butGen 37:2-36
is sold as a slave to an Egyptian.
2230.01775.7Isaac dies aged 180.Gen 35:27-29
2231.01774.7Joseph becomes Prime MinisterGen 41:41-46
of Egypt aged 30 years.Gen 41:46
Manassah and Ephraim begottenGen 41:50-54
during the years of plenty.
2240.01765.7Jacob goes to Egypt aged 130 during 2ndGen 47:8-11
year of famine. Halfway through 430 yrs.Gen 45:6-28
2257.01748.717Jacob dies in Egypt aged 147.Gen 47:28
Ephraim's son, grandson andGen 50:23
great-grandson born.
2311.01694.7Joseph dies aged 110.Gen 50:26
Egyptians begin using the IsraelitesExo 1:7-14
as slaves.
Kohath begotten by Levi.Exo 6:16
Amram begotten by Kohath.Exo 6:18
Aaron and Moses begotten by Amram.Exo 6:20
Moses, 4th generation after Abraham'sGen 15:16
death, will lead Israelites to Canaan.Exo chap 1-14
2375.01630.7Moses born 120 years before JoshuaDeut 34:7
leads the Israelites across Jordan.
2415.01590.7Moses flees Egypt after killing guardExo 2:11-25
God sends Moses back to Egypt to tellExo 3:1-4:31
Pharaoh to let the Israelites go.
2455.01550.780While Moses is 80 the Ten Plagues areExo 6:28-7:7
sent against the Egyptians.Exo 7:8-12:30
2455.01550.7430Israelites keep Passover, sons spared.Exo 12:1-28
ie- 14/1/2455 AC (Thur 19 April, 1550 BCE)
Egyptians' sons die, Israelites livingExo 12:29-42
in Egypt told to leave exactly 430 yrsActs 7:6
after Abraham promised land of Canaan.
Israelites camped before Red Sea.
Pursued by Egyptians.
God makes path for Israelites through the Red
Sea. 21/1/2455 AC (Thur 26 April, 1550 BCE)
Egyptian charioteers drowned in Red Sea
Israelites totally free from persecution
by Egyptians.
Israelites arrive at the Wilderness
of Sin. 15/2/2455 AC (Sun 20 May, 1550 BCE)Exo 16:1
God uses Manna to remind Israelites
of importance of the true Sabbath.Exo 16:2-36
Israelites arrive at Wilderness of
Sinai on 15/3/2455 AC (Mon 18 June, 1550 BCE)Exo 19:1
God speaks the Ten Commandments to theExo 19:2-20:21
Israelites. Tradition says it was on Feast of
Weeks, but Feast was 10 June this year.
Israelites leave Sinai for CanaanNum 10:11
on 20/2/2456 AC (Tues 13 May, 1549 BCE)
Israelites refuse to enter Canaan.Num 13:1-14:45
Spend forty years wandering in desert.Gal 3:16
2494.01511.739Israel defeats Sihon, King of AmoritesNum 21:21-25
and Og, King of Bashan.Num 21:33-35
Moses is shown the Land and then diesDeut 34:1-8
2495.01510.71Joshua leads Israelites across Jordan
on 10 Abib. (Tues 23 April, 1510 BCE)Josh 1:1-4:24
Israelites begin eating normal food onJosh 5:1-12
day after Passover- the Wave Offering
which falls on Sun 28 April that year.
Jericho destroyed, Israel begins toJosh 5:13-6:27
occupy Canaan.
Joshua's Long Day- two years after crossing?Josh 10:1-15
2501.01504.76Joshua divides land subdued by Israel betweenJosh 13:7-10
tribes, inheritance now official.
This year is the 50th Jubilee Year, marks
50 X 50 years since Creation.
2501.01504.714Israel has peace for 14 years, butJudg 2 to 3:6
sinks into pagan practices.Judg 11:26
Joshua dies aged 110.Josh 24:29
2515.01490.7(450)Paul says Era of Judges, lasting untilActs 13:17-20
Samuel the Prophet will be 450 years.Josh 8:1-13:14
Judges lead Israel through mixedJudges 1:1 to
times until people demand king.I Samuel 8:22
2515.01490.78Israel serves Mesopotamia eight yearsJudg 3:7-8
2523.01482.740Othniel judges, 40 years peace.Judg 3:9-11
2563.01442.718Israel serves Eglon of Moab 18 years.Judg 3:12-14
2581.01424.780Ehud judges, 80 years of peace.Judg 3:15-30
Shamgar kills Philistines, frees IsraelJudg 3:31
2661.01344.720Israel serves Jabin the Canaanite 20 yrJudg 4:1-3
2681.01324.740Deborah judges, peace for 40 yearsJudg 4:4-5:31
2721.01284.77Israelites oppressed by Midianites 7 yrJudg 6:1-10
2728.01277.740Gideon judges, quiet for 40 yrsJudg 6:11-8:28
2768.01237.73Abimelech usurps leadership for 3 yearsJudg 9:22
2771.01234.723Tola judges Israel 23 years.Judg 10:1-2
2794.01211.722Jair judges Israel 22 yearsJudg 10:3-5
2816.01189.718Israel oppressed by Philistines and
Ammorites for 18 years.Judg 10:6-18
2794.01211.7(300+)Min of 300 yrs since Amorite land taken.Judg 11:26
Anstey claims period is exactly 300 years,
but finishes at end of Tola's judgeship.
2834.01171.76Jephthah judges Israel for 6 years.Judg 11:1-12:7
2840.01165.77Ibzan judges Israel for 7 yearsJudg 12:8-10
2847.01158.710Elon judges Israel for 10 years.Judg 12:11-12
2857.01148.78Abdon judges Israel for 8 years.Judg 12:13-15
2865.01140.720Israel oppressed by Philistines 40 yrs.Judg 13:1
2885.01120.720Samson judges for 20 years during theJudg 13:2-16:31
Philistinian oppression.
2905.01100.740Eli judges Israel for 40 years.I Samuel 4:18
2945.01060.7Ark taken by Philistines. Eli dies.I Samuel 4:1-11
2945.01060.720Samuel judges Israel for 20 years.I Samuel 7:3-17
2945.61060.10.6Ark returned to Israel after 7 months.I Samuel 5:1-7:1
Samuel appoints his sons as judges too.I Sam 8:1-5
2965.01040.7People demand a king instead.I Sam 8:6-22
2965.01040.7(450)Paul's Era of Judges ends here.Acts 13:20
Ark remains in Kirjath Jearim 20 years.I Samuel 7:2
2965.01040.7Saul annointed as King by Samuel.I Sam 9:1-10:26
2966.01039.71Saul saves Jabesh Gilead, coronated as
king one year after his annointing.I Sam 10:27-13:1
Saul offers profane sacrifice.I Sam 13:1-15
Saul spares Agag, rejected by God.I Sam 15:1-35
David annointed by Samuel to become
king when time is ready.I Sam 16:1-13
David kills Goliath, made General.I Sam 17:1-18:5
Saul becomes jealous, attempts to
kill David, makes him flee.I Sam 18:6-30:31
3005.01000.739Saul dies during battle with PhilistinesI Sam 31:1-13
Saul's reign was 40 years as Paul states.Acts 13:21
3005.01000.7David begins to rule as King in Hebron.II Sam 2:1-11
3012.5993.27.5David defeats Ishbosheth, becomes king
over all Israel after 7 1/2 years.
David takes control of Jerusalem.
Ark taken to Jerusalem from Kirjath Jearim.II Sam 6:1-19
Could Ark have been shifted after 20 years
and then returned to Kirjath Jearim??
32.5David reigns for 40 yearsII Sam 5:4-5
3045.0960.7Solomon begins to rule as KingI Kings 1:28-40
3048.1957.63.1Solomon begins building the temple.I Kings 6:1
Occurs during the 480th year after the Exodus.
Anstey suggests period counts only years when
people were under God's rule, thus 114 years
3048.1957.6(593.1)of servitude and usurpation not counted.
3055.7950.07.6Temple construction completed in month ofI Kings 6:38
Bul (8th month), 600 years after Exodus.
3056.6949.10.9Solomon dedicates the temple on FeastI Kings 8:1 to
of Trumpets, in seventh month.I Kings 9:10
3068.7937.013Solomon completes building his palace.I Kings 7:1
40Solomon reigns a total of 40 years.I Kings 11:42
3085.0920.717Rehoboam begins reign of 17 yrs.I Kings 14:21
Nation divided. Rehoboam rules JudahI Kings 12:19-20
Kings of Israel not listed here, but used
to clarify correct sequences.
3102.0903.72Abijam begins reign of 3 yrs (incomplete)I Kings 15:1,2
3104.0901.741Asa begins reign of 41 yrs.I Kings 15:9
3145.0860.717Jehoshaphat begins reign of 25 yrs.I Kings 22:41,42
3162.0843.72Jehoram begins reign as defactoII Kings 1:17, 3:1
king under his father's authority.
3164.0841.73Jehoshaphat resumes control as sole King.
3167.0838.73Jehoram begins reign as official Co-regent.II Kings 8:16,17
3170.0835.72Jehoram reigns as sole King.I Kings 22:50
3172.0833.71Ahaziah co-reigns for year with Jehoram.II Kings 9:29
3173.0832.71Ahaziah begins sole reign of 1 yr.II Kings 8:25
3174.0831.76Athaliah begins reign of 6 yrs.II Kings 11:1-3
3180.0825.740Jehoash (Joash) begins reign of 40 yrs.II Kings 12:1
3220.0785.729Amaziah begins reign of 29 yrs.II Kings 14:1,2
3249.0756.711Interregnum of 11 years.II Kings 14:21
3260.0745.752Uzziah (Azariah) begins reign of 52 yrs.II Kings 15:1,2
Isaiah begins to prophesy.Isaiah 1:1
3312.0693.715Jotham begins reign of 15 yrs.II Kings 15:32
3327.0678.714Ahaz begins reign of 16 yrs.II Kings 16:1
Isaiah told that Kingdom of Ephraim wouldIsaiah 7:8
shattered within 65 years. Given prophecyIsaiah 9:1-7
about the coming of Jesus and His Kingdom.
3341.0664.72Hezekiah reigns as co-regent with Ahaz 2 yrs.II Kings 17:1, 18:1
3343.0662.726Hezekiah begins sole reign of 27 incompleteII Kings 18:2
years, which only occupy 26 calendar years.
3347.0658.7Samaria taken, end of Kingdom of IsraelII Kings 18:10
Fulfilled within Isaiah's 65 years.
3354651.7Hezekiah's life extended by 15 years, sundialII Kings 20:1 - 11
moves 10 degrees backwards.
3369.0636.755Manassah begins reign of 55 yrs.II Kings 21:1
3424.0581.72Amon begins reign of 2 yrs.II Kings 21:19
3426.0579.730.75Josiah begins reign of 31 yrs.II Kings 22:1
3438567.7Jeremiah begins to prophecy during the 13th
year of Josiah, confirms later dates.
3443562.7Josiah celebrates Passover with all theII Kings 23:21-23
glory it had in days of the Judges.
3456.8548.90.25Jehoahaz begins reign of 3 mths.II Kings 23:31
3457.0548.710.75Jehoiakim begins reign of 11 yrs.II Kings 23:36
3459.0546.72Nebuchadnezzar becomes co-regent of Babylon.Daniel 1:1 to 7
Nebuchadnezzar beseiges Jerusalem, takes
Daniel and others as captives.
3460545.7(22)Jeremiah states Jehoiakim's 4th year is his
23rd year of prophesying.
3460545.7Nebuchadnezzar becomes sole king of Babylon.
3460.0545.71Daniel given explanation of vision of manDaniel 2:1 to 45
of gold, silver, bronze, iron and clay. This
vision is the key to world empires until
time of Kingdom of God comes.
Jeremiah told that Judah will become desolateJeremiah 25:1 to 14
for 70 years.
3467.8537.90.25Jehoiachin begins reign of 3 mths.II Kings 24:8
Jerusalem captured by Nebuchadnezzar, 10,000II Kings 24:10-16
Jews taken as captives, including Jehoiachin.
2 Chronicles tells us that Jehoiachin was2 Chronicles 36:10
removed from power at the end of the year,
making Jehoahaz and Jehoichin's reigns
parts of Josiah and Jehoiakim years of reign.
3468.0537.710.4Zedekiah begins reign of 11 years, but isII Kings 24:18
removed from power in the 4th month of hisII Kings 25:1 to 8
11th year.
3472.25533.45Ezekiel begins to prophesy in the 5th yearEzek 1:1-2
of Jehoiachin's captivity, on 5/4/3472 AC
(Mon 22 June, 532 BCE) to Jewish captives.
3478527.7Nebuchadnezzar begins his 19th year as King.II Kings 25:1-21
3478.4527.3Nebuchadnezzar has Jerusalem destroyed onII Kings 25:8
7/5/3478 (Mon 17 August, 526 BCE). He
also has rest of Jews taken captive.
3478.4527.370 years of Babylonian Captivity begins.II Chron 36:15-21
Land of Judah gets its Sabbath rests.
In 1st year of Belshazzar Daniel given
vision of the Four Beasts. This vision
expands the metal man vision in the times
of the fourth beast (Roman Empire- Holy
Roman Empire) and the horn which spoke
pompous words (the Pope). Daniel promised
that the saints shall receive the Kingdom
in the end.
In Belshazzar's 3rd year, Daniel given vision
of a Ram and Goat fighting. (Persia and
Greece) Then a more powerful Empire is to
appear out of the East. (Roman Empire)
3548.4457.370Medo-Persians conquer Babylonian Empire.II Chron 36:20-22
Daniel's 'head of gold' replaced by chestDaniel 2:38-39
and arms of silver.
3548.4457.3Cyrus gives command to rebuild JerusalemII Chron 36:22,23
and Temple. Marks beginning of Daniel'sEzra 1:1-4
vision of Seventy sevens of years to end
of God's dealing especially with Jews and
includes Christ's crucifixion and Resurrection.
500 years have passed since con-
struction began on First Temple.
3550.0455.71.6Construction begins on Second Temple.Ezra 3:8
3598.0407.748Second Temple completed after 'seven weeks'?Daniel 9:25
Persian Empire destroyed by Alexander the
Great. Greek Empire begins, but crumbles intoDaniel 2:39
four sections when Alexander dies withoutDaniel 7:6
heirs. More of Daniel's prophesy fulfilled:Daniel 8:1-8
Ram and Goat, Bronze - Leopard Kingdom
Alexander's conquest of Judea might mark theDaniel 8:14
beginning of 2300 years of non-Jewish rule
of Jerusalem, ending in 1967 CE. However,
the literal use of 'evenings-mornings' in
this verse makes a 'year for a day' ful-
fillment unlikely. See 'Last Days' below.
A new empire rises out of one of the fourDaniel 8:9-14
winds - the West. This terrifying power is
the Roman Empire, which became the biggest
empire the world had yet seen. Versions ofDaniel 8:23-26
this empire are to reemerge until Christ's
Return, when He will destroy it.
The Roman Empire is both the legs and feetDan 2:40-45
of Nebuchadnezzar's dream, and Daniel'sDan 7:7
fourth beast with iron teeth and ten horns
on its head. Note that a 'little horn' is to Dan 7:8, 11
come up among these horns.
4000.75.0Mary is impregnated with Jesus Christ by Holy Matthew 1:18
Spirit. Jesus is now part human, part divineLuke 1:26 - 38
4001.54.20.76Jesus Christ born of MaryLuke 2:6-7
Transition between BCE and CE dates made here. Must add 1 year when
counting from BCE to CE dates because there is no Year 0 BCE.
4031.4626.7630Jesus Christ now 30 years old.Luke 3:23
4031.526.8483Jesus Christ annointed by John and God atDaniel 9:25
'the fulfilment of the time.' Daniel's
prophecy is becoming history exactly
according to schedule. (7 + 62 'weeks')
4035.030.33.5Jesus Christ crucified half way throughDaniel 9:26
Daniel's last week (ie 3 & 1/2 years.)Daniel 9:27
4038.533.83.5Daniel's last 'week' comes to a closeActs 10:1 to 11:18
when God sends Peter to Cornelius' householdDaniel 9:24
to speak the Good News to them. When Peter
sees God immerse them in His Holy Spirit, he
realizes that God's gift of salvation has
now been offered to all nations, and God's
initial focus on the Israelites has broadened.
Paul becomes an apostle to the gentiles, and Acts 9:1-30
takes the Message of Salvation throughoutActs 13:1 -28:31
Asia Minor and Eastern Europe.
4074.070.0God's patience runs out with Jewish nation.
Jerusalem is again destroyed and the Jews are
dispersed to 'the ends of the earth.'
410197Apostle John given Revelation of what theRev. 1:1-3
future will be through Jesus Christ.
John given vision of Beast from the Sea:Rev 13:1-2
It is another version of Daniel's visions.
The beast has the Mouth of the Lion, Feet of
a bear, is leopard-like and has ten horns.
Beast from the Earth appears. Matches littleRev 13:11-13
Horn of Daniel 7:8. Symbolises the rise of
a new corrupt pseudo-Christianity led by the
4324321Bishops of Rome and supported by Constantine.
4479476Western 'leg' of old Roman Empire falls.Rev 13:3
The ten horns represent ten successive dy-
nasties in this Empire. The first threeDan 7:8
'horns', the Heruli, Vandals and Ostrogoths,Rev
were destroyed and replaced with pro-Catholic
4536533leaders by Justinian, who heals Deadly wound.
Justinian accepts authority of Roman Catholic
'church'. Mother of whores begins to ride the Rev 17:1-18
'new' Scarlet Beast which is the resurrected
Sea Beast, with horns and crowns transformed.
4804.6800.9This Image of the Sea Beast given new lifeRev 13:12-15
when Charlemagne crowned as 'Holy Roman
Emperor' by Roman Catholic church. 5th horn.
4965962Carolingians followed by German Emperors.
-the 6th horn. (Justinian was the 4th.)
55221519Austrian Emperors - the 7th horn.
57961793The French Revolution shatters power of Holy
Roman Empire. The Sea Beast's 42 months (1260
years) of total domination are finished.
58511848Hohenzollern Emperors (Kaisers) attempt to
reunite Europe - culminates in World War 1.
The 8th horn's power fails.
5901.01897.0Zionist Conference held. Theodor Herzl
says "Today I have laid the foundations
of the Israelite Nation.
59361933Hitler attempts to rebuild Holy Roman Empire
with aid of Mussolini - ends in World War 2.
Thus the 9th horn also fails in its attempt.
5951.01947.0Israel again becomes a nation, fifty years
after the Convention.
60011997.3Charismatic secular leader uses European UnionRev 6:1-2
as a vehicle to achieve his ends. Ten powerfulRev 13:1
nations give their strength to this leader.Rev 17:12
Leads to worst World War ever seen, mingledRev 6:3-8
with massive droughts, famines and plagues.Mat 24:15-28
Immorality also the worst ever seen.2 Tim 3:1-7
Cunning 'religious' leader, probably a Pope,Rev 3:11
unites false religions. Marks the beginningRev 3:12
of the Great Tribulation. (Possibly starts on
Abib 14 [22 Apr]) Works with the 10th horn to
resurrect Holy Roman Empire. Attacks BiblicalRev 13:3
Christians as soon as he has enough support.Rev 17:1-18
Makes Jerusalem his new headquarters.Rev 11:8
When Jesus returns He will transform His1 Cor 15:35-58
followers into immortal beings, overthrow HisDan 2:43-45
opponents and rebuild our devastated earth.Ezek 36:16-38
If He did not return at this point, the EarthMatt 24:22
would become a lifeless wasteland.
If the 10th horn begins on 22 Apr, 1997, hisDan 12:7
42 months will end about 13 Sept, 2000
If this chronology is accurate, it is possible
that Jesus may return during 2000 AD, perhaps
6004.52000.8 on Feast of Trumpets (Fri, 29 Sept 2000 CE)
These dates do not match perfectly, but
give Satan his full 6000 years (6 'days') to
work his evil ways on this Earth before he is
put out of the way, assuming the fall was
during Adam and Eve's first year.
The later case has Tribulation beginning 1290
days earlier, ie Wed, 19 Mar, 1997.Daniel 12:11
The final destruction of Satan's followers
might be 1335 days after this, ie on MondayDan 12:12
13 Nov, 2000.
But be warned! Jesus says He will return Matt 24:36-51
when He is not expected. These speculations
serve only to remind us that the end may
be very near, and we should be diligent about
serving the Lord and our brethren.

Possible Errors

26 October, 1996: Many possibilities for error in these chronologies exist, though we have tried to make them as accurate as possible. Possible errors: The first problem is that we do not know exactly when the 6000 years allotted to Satan after deceiving Eve and Adam and bringing mankind under his control began. Though it is possible that this occurred shortly after Creation, perhaps at the time of the first Passover, the Bible does not specify how long after Creation this happened. Another possibility is that God has changed the length of the day in the past. Carl Franklin, of Christian Biblical Church of God, suggests that originally the year was exactly 360 days long and each lunar month was exactly 30 days long. This would require the rotation rate of the earth to have been increased at some time in the past. Perhaps this could have helped trigger the Flood. However, our calculated calendar shows that sensible results for all biblical dates can be found without need for such a massive change. Such a change would invalidate date calculations for events before the rotation was changed. It would not affect calendar calculations made after that time.

Another possibility is that we have made one or more serious errors in our chronology.

Despite these difficulties, the events occurring throughout the world, and in particular in Europe, show a constant trend towards setting up the conditions prophesied for the Great Tribulation. A new Pope, committed to bringing the many divergent religions within the control of the Roman Catholic Church, could soon trigger a massive global bloodbath.

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Chronology Considerations

The various Holy Day calendar programs we use are based on a chronology system with a Creation Date of 29 March, 4004 BCE. How did we arrive at that date, and why do we think it is correct? What relevance does it have for us today? This article is intended to answer these questions.

We have used several different chronology methods which all agree on this date. This gives us confidence that the calendar system is providing us with accurate Biblical reference points in the past and can be extended forward into the future as well.

Bible Chronologies

The first dating system we used was the chronologies given in the Bible. These chronologies go from father to son to son, etc for much of the time that the Bible was being written. Sometimes the series goes from reign to reign of the Kings of Israel and Judah. Once we have a common point in the chronologies that links them to conventional dating. (The beginning of John the Baptist's ministry.) It is possible to follow the series back in time until we arrive at the creation date. This was the method used by Bishop Usher and a number of others to arrive at their creation dates. There are some pitfalls in using this technique on its own. There are occasional passages that are capable of different interpretations, allowing relatively minor variations in creation dates. There are also a small number of manuscripts and translations which have different dates to the majority of manuscripts. The Greek Septuagint translation of the Hebrew scriptures is an extreme example. It has some large variations in the pre-Tower of Babel chronologies that allow a shift of several hundred years in the creation date given by the Messoritic texts. Oddly, the Jewish Anno Mundo (AM) dates are worked out on the basis of the Septuagint texts.

Each step in the sequence has a possible error of half a year as we can not be sure if a son was born at the start, middle or end of his father's 30th year, etc. Our attached chronology generally assumes that the child is born at exactly 30 years if this is the given interval. This may result in an accumulating uncertainty as each generation passes. (ie. ±3.5 years, etc)

To our surprise, Usher chronology often agrees within a few months to the dates we have arrived at with our integrated system.


A second line of dating comes from an understanding of the Sabbath system and the application of the 'thousand years as a day' principle to it. The origin of the Sabbath system is set out in Genesis 1:1 to 2:3. It is based on nothing less than the creation of the entire universe and every living organism in it. God regards the Sabbath as being so important that He made it part of His Ten Commandments, placing it as the bridge between worshipping Him and serving our fellow man:

"Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
Six days you shall labour and do all your work, but the seventh day is the Sabbath of Jehovah your God. In it you shall do no work: you, nor your son, nor your daughter, nor your male servant, nor your female servant, nor your cattle, nor your stranger who is within your gates.
For in six days Jehovah made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested the seventh day. Therefore Jehovah blessed the Sabbath day and hallowed it. Exodus 20:8 to 11
The 'thousand years as a day' principle is given in Psalm 90:4 and 2 Peter 3:8. As Peter says: "But, beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as one day." Just as God worked for six days and rested the seventh, God is allowing Satan to work for six 'days' -each a thousand years long- and is then going to force him to 'rest' for one 'day' -also a thousand years long- by imprisoning him so he can not influence mankind for the thousand years of the saint's rule under Christ. See Genesis 1:1 to 2:3 and Revelation 20:1-10 for confirmation.

God has set apart the thousand years kingdom (The Millennium) to show mankind the difference between following Satan or following Christ. Satan will have brought mankind to the brink of extinction when he is imprisoned at the time of Christ's return. Christ will turn the shattered earth into a paradise by the end of the thousand years. The benefits of love, peace and cooperation will be easy and delightful to see. It is no wonder that God commands us to keep his Sabbath holy!


Intertwined with the seven thousand year cycle is the Jubilee system. The Jubilee system is set out in Leviticus 25. It is a fifty year cycle that echos the fifty day cycle of Pentecost or Feast of Weeks, detailed in Lev 23:15-22.

It has some special Jubilee dates which tends to confirm this chronology. They are the dividing of the land by Joshua (2501 AC) and the birth of Jesus Christ on Earth (4001 AC). As noted above 6001 AC may mark the beginning of the Great Tribulation.

The Flood is one of the key dates in calendar system as there are only certain years which can fit the dates given in the Bible. Please see the God's Calendar software for these dates.